I am writing this post at 11.42pm, fueled by coffee and cold and flu tablets. Whoops!

Anyway, it’s funny how life throws you different paths to follow. Two years ago I started running children’s music classes (Little Bo Beats if you’re in the Blue Mountains, sorry/not sorry for the cheeky self-promo!). It wasn’t long before I had parents asking where to buy instruments just like mine, so I thought it might be nice to have some instruments to sell. Fast forward to now and I am madly scrambling to organise enough stock for the inaugural Springwood Artisan market this Saturday after selling through what I had much faster than expected!

Which means that all my plans for having my website and socials ready in time have gone asunder. Oh well!

I am excited to be launching this new venture, and once I get myself organised (and having spent some time with my family without a paint brush in hand), I will have lots to share.

I am passionate about music, and about helping children and their families discover the joy that learning music brings. I am also passionate about the environment, and it is so important to me to produce a product that is as environmentally friendly as I can.

Take care, and don’t forget to sign up to the email list if you’d like to be informed of when I have all of my stock organised!

Bec x



  1. Hi Bec
    I came across your products at the recent baby expo in Homebush and wanted to get in touch to say that my daughter (7 months old) absolutely adores her maracas and I can’t wait to buy one for everyone that I know who’s having a baby!! It has such a beautiful timbre and perfectly sized – what an amazing product – I can’t wait for the world to hear about you!!!
    With best wishes


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